A Word with You - Oct. 29, 2012


Give the Medicine Some Time

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You know, all those headache remedies promise fast relief of course, but they all actually take time—even the best of them, whichever one that is. I mean, can you imagine someone with a headache and they take two aspirin, and immediately they say, "Nothing happened! My head still hurts. This stuff is bogus!" So they pop three more. In five minutes this person says, "I've still got a headache!" So they pop several more.

Now, pretty soon this person is going to be in trouble. You want to step in there and say, "Stop! You're going to hurt yourself if you keep this up!" And they say, "Yes, but I took the aspirin and nothing happened." Well, of course, you're going to come back and say, "Well, you have to wait for the result. You've got to give the medicine some time!"

Or imagine if you're taking penicillin. You take the dose that the doctor prescribed and you wait five minutes. You still have a fever, you still have a sore throat, you're still sick. So, you say, "Oh, nuts! I'm going to take the whole bottle!" No, no, no! This is not advisable! I'd hate to even think what would happen. You see, we've learned to wait for a healing effect before we use any more medicine. If we don't, well we're going to cause an even greater problem. That's especially true when you're treating someone you really love.

Truth requires time to germinate. It looks like nothing is happening, but don't try to force another dose or interfere with the growth of the seed. They need a little space. Faith in the Lord sometimes means shutting up and letting God use the truth that you spoke in love. Have patience while He works.

Don't try to make that loved one take a whole bottle of spiritual medicine all at once. Lovingly give a dose of truth, and then back off and let God grow it. Give the medicine some time.

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Originally published October 29, 2012.