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A Word with You - Oct. 11, 2012


Is Your Dog Walking You?

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In all the years we were raising our family, we didn't have a dog at our house. One big reason is that dogs have a non-negotiable need to be walked. We've had some fish. Our fish never needed to be taken for a walk. We had a parrot. It's very hard to walk a parrot.

Now, we had a pretty active neighborhood and you could usually find people jogging, and walking, and biking, and walking their dog. But the funniest scene there was the people whose dogs were walk them. Here's a little person and a big dog, and this wide-eyed person being pulled by that dog just as surely as a wagon is pulled by horses. It's pretty funny when the master is being mastered like that...or is it?

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Originally published October 11, 2012.