A Word with You - Nov. 9, 2012


What Your Wife Can't Get Enough Of

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Most of us urban or suburban type husbands don't go out with a bow and arrow to bring in our family's dinner. That was in the good old days where Dad went hunting for dinner. Instead, we go to a shop, or an office, or some such place and we get a paycheck. Then we turn it over to the grocery store.

But the principle is still the same: man is the provider, especially for his wife. Now, I know there's a lot of women working today, and that's changed some. But most men still pride themselves in being able to meet their wife's needs, and that's why it's so tough for them when they're out of work. See, above all else, a man wants to be known as a good provider. Somehow we always seem to fall short, but that's okay if we keep providing the most important provision for our wife's needs.

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Originally published November 09, 2012.