A Word with You - Nov. 14, 2012


Wait Till You See Your Senior Picture

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My daughter's college French class finished early one day, so she pulled out all her pictures for some strange reason. And there was her senior picture. Well, as her Father my opinion was, "She's beautiful, she's radiant." But then a lot of other people said that about her too.

And then there was her 7th grade picture, with her hair parted down the middle, pulled back, big glasses, braces. Apparently the guy next to her was pretty outspoken. He said, "Man! How ugly!" (Guys are great aren't they?) She said, "Well, that's okay. I don't mind, as long as it's not that way now."

And he said, "Oh, no way! Are you kidding?" And then they took the pictures up to their French teacher to see. And she looked at the 7th grade picture and said, "Hum..." Then the 8th grade picture and said, "Well, I see some progress." And then she compared 7th grade to my daughter's senior picture. And in French she said, "What a miracle!" Well, caterpillars do grow up to be butterflies. And, it's always a miracle.

quit trying, don't start withdrawing because you don't like the way it looks now. Focus on your Creator, because He only does masterpieces.

See, if your eyes are on what you are, you'll be discouraged. If your eyes are on what you're becoming, you'll have hope with anticipation. When you and all the people you know see God's finished product, God's senior picture of you, you'll testify together, "What a miracle!"

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Originally published November 14, 2012.