A Word with You - June 1, 2020

How to Burn Off Your Personal Fog

Well, the world sure looks different on a foggy morning. In our neighborhood the neighbor's houses suddenly aren't there. There's a hill I can usually see out our back door. On a foggy morning - no hill. And on the highway, forget it! I mean, it's suddenly hard to find where you turn or to plan much beyond the car immediately in front of you.

I remember this 40-car-pile-up on a foggy morning on one of the major highways near us. The pile-up happened because people couldn't see what the car in front of them was doing. Now, on those foggy mornings it looks as if the world's going to be gray all day doesn't it? It's kind of a depressing way to start the day, but that fog seldom lasts past 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. Why? Well, the fog developed over night when there was no sun out to warm the air and evaporate all that moisture. Sometimes when the fog gets thick, well, we lose sight of the sun.

on the not yet answered prayer. To go through your day on a God-hunt, looking for where He is, where He's working in your life. If you look for Him, you'll see Him all over the place.

Paul and Silas could sing at midnight in a prison because they were praising and giving thanks. You can sing at midnight. You can give thanks in the fog.

When I stop living gratefully, a dark gray attitude starts to blanket my soul-the spiritual blahs. But the fog doesn't ever have to last long. A thank you mindset is the sun that burns off your personal fog.

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Originally published June 01, 2020.