A Word with You - May 14, 2020

A Boom, A Battler, and A Brother

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Have you ever noticed how a baby learns to walk? Yeah, it's the "step, boom" method. Someone comes along and says, "I think it's about time", sets them up on their legs - you know, kind of spaghetti legs - and they take one step, boom. And, of course, they get up again, and the next time it's step, step, boom. And then step, step, step, boom, etc. You know.

Now, we have family movies of our oldest son learning to walk years ago. It was pretty much by that method. And when he went down, you could see him grabbing something and battling to get his muscles going all in one direction so he could get up. And then you saw his big sister reaching over to give him a hand. Actually, that's what it takes whenever you go step, boom.

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Originally published May 14, 2020.