A Word with You - June 30, 2011


You Can't Run Fast Enough

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We were waiting in front of a restaurant with our children, and my son saw a parent trying to keep his two-year-old occupied. Now, you know, it's tough enough for the parents to wait to get into a restaurant; it's a little hard to keep a two-year-old boy busy. And there's something in a child that wants freedom. And this child was no exception, because as soon as the parent would let this little guy go, he'd start to chug the other direction as fast as he could. It almost appeared as if he thought he really was going to get away from his dad. Not a chance! Dad started after him, you know, looking like it was hard to catch him. You know it wasn't.

Now, my teenage son was watching all this in amusement; he was sort of the observer of the world scene kind of guy. And he said, "Dad, it's so funny watching a kid get away from his parent." I said, "Why?" He said, "Because you know they'll lose every time." Well, it's true...they will. So will you and I.

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Originally published June 30, 2011.