A Word with You - July 3, 2020

How to Act When the Seasons Change

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Hey, I really like Florida, and it's a great place, but I probably will never live there. I do enjoy going there, but my problem is I'm a four-seasons freak. I just enjoy the changes of season, and I think I would miss that a lot. Of course, I grew up in the north and so I probably got used to that.

But, you know, it's kind of neat when the fall colors come in, and then a hundred bags of leaves that we used to take out of our yard every fall. And when the fall changes to winter, there's a whole new set of sports and activities and fun, and you know festivities. It goes a little long some places; I could stand to cut a month or two off of that one.

And then, all of a sudden you're driving along one day and you'll see this burst of yellow. When we lived in New Jersey it was forsythia. Where we live now, you see the daffodils coming out...these beautiful flowers are exploding in color! It's spring; it feels so good to be warm again. And then you head into all the fun of summer and the relaxation and things you can only do there. And, you know, you don't have to wear all those coats. Each season has its unique lifestyle, wardrobe, equipment.

There's sort of a cycle of putting away your boots, and your coats, and your skis. And then you get out your shorts, and your lawn chairs, and your beach umbrella. Then you put them away and you get out your boots, your coats...you know how all that goes.

Well, God seems to be into seasons too. After all, He thought them up. Actually, it doesn't matter if you live at the North Pole or the Equator; you live in God's changing seasons, and your life is in one of those right now.

d the Lord showed him a piece of wood which he threw in the water and the water became sweet." OK, now there are the bitter waters. You've got the barrier waters, and God parts those; you leave that to Him. And then when you hit bitter waters, God sweetens the bitter water seasons in your life. Your job is to look for the sweetener. What can you throw into that situation that would sweeten it?

And then finally it says, "They came to Elim where there were 12 springs and 79 palm trees." That's the bubbling waters. Maybe you're in that season now. God surprises us with bubbling waters. And you know what your job is? You soak it up; you store it up. You won't stay in any one season though. God will keep changing the seasons. In a barrier time, you wait for Him to act supernaturally. In a bitter time, you seek the sweetener. In a bubbling time, you enjoy it.

They're all designed to teach us to depend on Him. And you can be sure the seasons will change, but the Savior will not.

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Originally published July 03, 2020.