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A Word with You - July 25, 2011


The Ultimate Magnet

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You know, when my oldest son was younger, he collected baseball cards just for fun. Well, then that changed! Somehow it went from something just to spend your allowance on, to a hobby, to a serious collection, to where it became almost a business. It actually helped him get through college! He kept figuring out which ones were going to be valuable, and then he would trade, and buy and sell. I can see why he worked on them a lot. And you know what? He spent many, many hours analyzing and categorizing, and strategizing his collection.

He told me, "You know, Dad, I used to do this just for fun. But now it's serious. I've got too much tied up in it." Well, that's really true isn't it? The more you spend on something, the higher it ranks on your list of priorities?

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