A Word with You - July 20, 2011


All the Light You Need

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When our kids were younger, we did a lot of camping together. You say, "Well, how was it being like that with the kids?" Well, I would have to say camping was intense. Intense! Well, there is a pun in there somewhere.

Anyway, we'd get ready for bed at night, and it was in tents, and we would just tuck each one of those three kids into their sleeping bag, get it all zipped up, tied up, and then I would go and tie the flap of the tent, zip it closed, turn out the light, crawl in, get nicely situated in my sleeping bag all secure, turn over.

And then, there in the dark you would hear a little voice saying, "Daddy, I've got to go to potty." Well, so reverse the process: unzip my sleeping bag, get un-secure, go over untie theirs, unzip their sleeping bag, untie the tent flap, etc., etc. You know, and stagger out into the night, of course guided only by our trusty little Coleman lantern. I'll tell you, it was a long, dark walk usually to that bathroom. We couldn't see our destination, but we could see enough.

ormation than that, especially if you've got a major choice ahead of you. But you really don't need more than that. You only need today's assignment.

God will take all those daily obediences and He will weave them together in His perfectly timed, perfectly constructed, master plan for you. So, like a child walking with his Dad through that dark campground, you just step where the light falls next.

See, light for the next step is really all the light you need.

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Originally published July 20, 2011.