A Word With You - Jan. 9, 2013

Hard Rescues

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I have a lot of respect for lifeguards at the ocean. I mean, first of all, I wish I could swim like they do; they make what I do look like dog paddling for sure. But I have seen them in action. I remember being at the New Jersey shore and watching five lifeguards go to work on a rescue to bring in three children. And I think I have a new appreciation for these guys and girls having talked to my friend, Jim, because he used to be one on the other side of the country; he was a Pacific Ocean lifeguard. He described to me the different kinds of rescues that there are.

For example, what do you do when there's someone who is panicky and hanging onto you for dear life and almost going to take you down? Well, lifeguards are trained a certain way to handle that. And then there's one that they call "the hard rescue" and for good reason. But you don't have to be in the ocean to be a candidate for some strong treatment from The Lifesaver.

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Originally published January 09, 2013.