A Word With You - Jan. 23, 2013

The Bible Wears a Blindfold

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Blindfolds have usually been a hindrance in my life. I mean, I think the first blindfold I ever remember having on was when I was little. I was at a birthday party and we were playing, you know, like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Now, I've never been real coordinated, so you put a blindfold on me and spin me around a few times, I usually ended up pinning it on the hostess. Anyway, it's great to be the laughing stock at the birthday party.

Now, I got to be a teenager, they put me in this trust walk where my un-blindfolded friend was leading me around blindfolded through water, into walls, and into trees. And then even as a grownup at parties, all I know is that when they blindfold me I know I'm going to end up looking like the village idiot.

But blindfolds? They aren't always bad. I mean, think about that famous statue you can see at the Supreme Court. You remember Blind Justice? She's holding the scales of justice, upholding the law without being able to see faces, or expressions, or wardrobes, or appearances. Well you get a better verdict that way.

To rightly represent a holy God in this anything-goes world, we have to always be sure of the Bible's ways of life and stand on those.

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Originally published January 23, 2013.