A Word with You - Jan. 19, 2012


You Got Mail...For Thanksgiving

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Okay. So they won't deliver mail on Thanksgiving. But it still might be a good day for someone you love to get mail. Possibly hand-delivered by you!

Now, in our world, you know rare means something is valuable: antiques, baseball cards, all kinds of collectibles. The less there is of something, the more valuable it is.

Like "thank you" for example. When Jesus healed ten lepers of their deadly, defacing disease, only one came back to say thanks. That seems to be how it always is with thank you's. Maybe one thanks for every ten things you should be grateful for to God; to each other.

That's why you can really light up someone's life this Thanksgiving by giving them some thanks in writing, where it can really sink in; where they can go back to it on a dark day.

hear all those nice things people say about them at their funeral.

Why don't you give them their bouquets while they can still smell the flowers, and don't wait for the funeral?

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Originally published January 19, 2012.