A Word with You - Jan. 12, 2012


Paper Trunks and Permanent Wardrobe

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I think it had to be one of the most like insecure afternoons of my life. Our committee had been meeting for two days at this hotel. Two days straight; I mean two days straight. We had a slave-driving chairman, and finally he said, "All right, guys, how about a couple of hours in the pool?" "All right! The pool! The sauna! We deserve a break today."

There was this one problem. See, he had told most of the fellows, but my best friend and I had come totally unprepared; we had no swimwear whatsoever. And we really didn't want to pass up the pool and the sun and all that good stuff. So I went down to the gift shop and I said, "Do you have any swim trunks here?" And the lady said, "Well, I have some paper trunks." I said, "What?" She said, "Yeah, they're reinforced and they're paper trunks. It's only two dollars." Yeah. Well, it was my only choice, so I went for it. I mean, well, yeah, I guess I would spend two dollars on it.

I want to tell you, it was an insecure afternoon sitting there in those paper trunks in the sauna. Now, I'm happy to report there was... well, there was no modesty crisis... no wardrobe malfunction, but I did not keep them to wear for other occasions. I used them, and believe me, I threw them away. Because I know there's a difference between what you wear for a little while and what you're going to be wearing for a long time. Paper trunks may be worth two dollars, probably not much more.

we compromise or we hide our eternal relationship with Christ because we're scared of them. We play by whatever rules we have to play to be accepted in school, or in the dorm, in our job, and we sacrifice our loyalty to Christ in the process.

Look, you'll belong to Christ forever. Why not really be what you'll always be? Don't waste a lot of your life on paper trunks. Put your best into the permanent wardrobe that you will never risk losing—who you will be for all eternity—"In Christ."

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Originally published January 12, 2012.