A Word With You - Dec. 17, 2012


Spiritual Termites

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Let's say that someone steps on the wooden backstairs of your house. Imagine what they do when all of a sudden one of those stairs caves in. Okay, whose fault is it the stair caved in? Well you could blame it on your friend and say, "'Bout time you went on a diet, isn't it buddy?" Or could it be that it wasn't their weight that really made it collapse? Could it be that those little bugs got in and ate it from the inside; and it was already weakened? In fact, even a skinny friend might have made it cave in.

Well, when they call termites a pest, they are really right about that. If you've ever had them in your house, you know what it means to try to get rid of them and you know the damage they can do. You seldom if ever see them, but they quietly, subversively eat away at that wood; and one day beams can cave in, houses can sag, steps can collapse. Not so much because of the weight put on them, but because of the weakness on the inside.

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Originally published December 17, 2012.