A Word With You - Dec. 13, 2012


Missing You

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We say a lot of things we don't really mean. For example, when we sign our letters, sincerely yours—now have you really been sincere about everything you said sincerely yours about? Or how about this one, the check is in the mail—well, sometimes yes, sometimes no; maybe just an intention. Here's a classic one that we often don't really mean, "Hey, let's get together sometime; we'll give you a call." How many times have you been told that, and then how many times did it really happen?

Often we'll say it and perhaps we even mean it at the time, but you know you get busy an hour later and you forget that you said that. "Hey, let's get together sometime." Well, it never happens. But you know there's someone who really means it when He says it. Well, you can tell by the tears in His eyes.

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Originally published December 13, 2012.