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A Word with You - December 10, 2019


Never Meant To Drive

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It was quite a few years ago when I heard about this young man on Long Island who took his sister for a ride in the family car. You say, "Oh, big deal." Well, it's no big deal except that the boy was five years old. Yes, it's true! His mother was sick in bed and his little sister said, "I want to go to New York City." So he crawled up on top of the refrigerator, got his mother's car keys out of her purse, took his sister out, belted her in, put on his seat belt, turned on the car, managed to get it in reverse, and backed it out of their narrow driveway onto their street. He drove up to a stop sign, then he turned left onto a major thoroughfare, and made it successfully to two traffic lights and stopped. Then he moved forward when he was supposed to.

Finally a policeman became involved. He had just seen a driverless car go by! So, he drove up behind it and turned on the siren. As soon as the young boy heard the siren he pulled the car over very neatly, got out and talked to the officer. It was pretty incredible. And fortunately, he didn't go very far. I'm particularly glad he didn't make it to New York City.

This little amusing incident could have turned into a horrible tragedy. A five-year-old child has no business driving, and neither do you.

If you've never begun a relationship with Him; if you've never said, "I'm not driving any more. Jesus, it's You." I want to invite you to join me at our website so I can show you there how you can get started with Him. Go to ANewStory.com.

Life becomes a whole lot safer when you relinquish that steering wheel that you've been clenching so tightly and so long. You look a whole lot better; you're a whole lot safer in the passenger's seat.

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Originally published December 10, 2019.