A Word with You - Dec. 3, 2012


Cleanup or Cover-Up

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Nobody ever said college guys are going to win the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Right? I mean, entering many of their dorm rooms is only for the very brave, and those with a strong stomach. Where is Mom when you really need her?

When our son was in college, I encountered a new low in dorm housekeeping. The rooms in the men's dorm were suites, with men from two double rooms sharing this bathroom. When I complained that I thought intermediate life forms were growing in our son's bathroom, he said, "Oh, Dad, you should see the guys down the hall." And when he described their bathroom to me, I actually had no desire to visually confirm his report. It was early spring, and these men had managed to avoid cleaning the bathroom floor since the very first day of the school year.

Now, use your imagination; you know how guys are. Uh, don't; don't use your imagination, no! As the floor became more and more disgusting, it became obvious that there was only logical remedy. Oh, no, no, no, not cleaning it. They got 2x4 boards and covered it! Now, if you stop listening right here, I don't blame you.

"Jesus, I'm Yours. I accept what You did on the cross as my only hope." And go to our website. You'll find some real help there in making sure you belong to Him. Our website's YoursForLife.net.

See, coming clean with your sin is doing the hard thing. But covering it is so much harder. Oh, and so much more expensive.

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Originally published December 03, 2012.