A Word with You - August 4, 2020

Another Eternity Moment

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Jonesboro. Paducah. Columbine. And then this year add Chardon, Ohio - another school shooting. You know, having spent so much of my life on high school campuses, my heart sinks every time I see these all-too-familiar scenes. Students running, crying, parents desperately seeking information, SWAT teams moving in, law enforcement briefings, shooter profiles, ambulances converging, and then those heartbreaking candlelight vigils.

And, you know, when those happen, once again for a very brief window in time, there's an eternity moment. After the Chardon shootings, one national reporter said, "These students are talking way beyond their years today." See, suddenly checking Facebook, and sweating the test, and talking about everyone's social "drama" seems so unimportant. Because, well, a brush with eternity changes everything. At least for a little while.

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Originally published August 04, 2020.