A Word with You - August 12, 2020

In the Path of the Storm

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Well, I went to get an additional weather alert radio for our home. They were out. I probably shouldn't have been surprised. Not in light of the recent tornadoes; what they have done to lives and property across eleven states then. And we weren't far from one of those ourselves.

All the broken homes, the broken hearts; towns that were nearly erased. It's heart-wrenching to watch. And with all the shock and loss, everybody was saying, "It could have been so much worse." USA Today had an article, and it talked about "killer tornadoes aftermath" and the article declared, "Amid tragedy, 'thank God.'"

One man in Indiana lost his house and his horses, but was thanking God his family was okay, and they were quoting him. His comment was that "he had enough warning of the storms' approach to leave for safer ground." And so he said, "Thank God."

You know, that seemed to be the common denominator of every survival story I've seen. They had a warning and they heeded the warning. Responding to the warning and taking shelter where it's safe? That's literally the difference between life and death for now and forever.

e. The cross where Jesus died for you, where God's precious Son took the full force of the storm so we don't have to. Let this be the day when you grab this Jesus to be your Rescuer. Go to the safe place; run to Jesus today. Start your relationship with Him. Go to our website there. I'll do my best there to walk you through how to get that relationship started - YoursForLife.net.

Because God's one question when we enter eternity is going to be this: "What did you do with My Son?" Because of what His Son did for you.

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Originally published August 12, 2020.