A Word with You - April 22, 2020

The Bar Stays Where it Is

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One of the most challenging and graceful track and field events has got to be the pole vault. There's this athlete running, then he's airborne on that pole, now he's gliding up and over that bar. Can't you picture it? Well, up at least! Oh, no! The bar comes crashing down; the "vaulter" didn't clear the bar. But wait! Here come the officials! Listen to what they're saying to the unsuccessful "vaulter", "Oh, that a little high for you wasn't it? Listen, why don't we lower the bar a couple of notches? We'll just keep lowering it until you can clear it."

Don't hold your breath looking for a scene like that on the Olympics or any other sports program. They're going to never lower the bar in a track meet. Of course, it's happening all the time in the church.

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Originally published April 22, 2020.