A Word with You - Apr. 20, 2011

Dirty Dead, Clean Dead, Dead Dead

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Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and this...honestly, this is a true story. Friends of friends of ours have a big dog. And their neighbor threatened them about that dog. She had this white fluffy rabbit, you see, and a rabbit hutch in her backyard. And she said, "I'll tell you, if that dog ever hurts that rabbit of mine, I'll sue you for everything you're worth." Uh...she loves the rabbit?

Well, the friends of the friends had to leave a young man in charge of their house for one week, and the first couple of nights he came home from work and everything was fine. The third night he came home from work, he saw the dog in the back yard playing with a dead animal. Um huh. He said "Uh-oh." He went over and he found the bloody, dirty, muddy remains of that rabbit.

Well, he didn't know what to do. He panicked. He ran into the house, he put it in the kitchen sink; started to scrub it up, hoping somehow he could cover up what he felt the dog had done. So, he literally washed off all the mud, all the blood, he blew it dry so it would be all fluffy again. Can you imagine a blow dryer on a dead rabbit? You say, "This really didn't happen." I'm sorry, it really did.

Well, he sneaked out in the middle of the night, put it back in the rabbit hutch and went back to the house. The next morning he heard a scream next door; he heard the woman screaming. He ran over there. He said, "What happened?" She's jumping up and down; she said, "Look! He's back! He's back! My rabbit died two days ago, and I buried him and he's back! It's a miracle!" No ma'am, this is not a miracle. Actually, there are lots of people trying to make that kind of miracle in their own lives, and it won't work.

hrist has done when He died on the cross for you. If there was some way, something you could do to get to God, He would never have allowed His Son to go through the agony and brutality of that cross. It took that to forgive you and bring you back to life.

Oh, you could make a dirty person clean, but only God can make a dead person live. We try every way to make it on our own spiritually, but we can't. That's why Christ gave His life. Now, if you die without Christ, you'll be separated from God forever. But He's in your reach right now. You feel knocking on the inside? Let Him in.

Let us help you begin a relationship with Him. Come to our website; check it out and find there the information you need from God's Word that will simply lead you into beginning a relationship with Him. Go to YoursForLife.net.

Jesus won't just make a dead person clean; He'll make a dead person alive who can live forever.

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Originally published April 20, 2011.