God's Love at Work - Week of January 1

Week of January 1

Workplace Purpose
by Margaret D. Mitchell

“. . . great are Your purposes and mighty are your deeds. Your eyes are open to all the ways of men; you reward everyone according to his conduct and as his deeds deserve.” 
-Jeremiah 33:19

I received a text from a young woman one morning who said, “God just showed me why I am at this particular job!!! . . . a girl who sits right across from me is doing the exact same thing I want to do for young girls!!”

This young woman was wise and courageous beyond her years, because she had prayed for God to take her hand and lead her into a job of His choice so that she could receive and do great exploits. She wanted something better for her life, and she understood God had a plan and a destiny for her that was better than her own limited perception and understanding.

Her particular job was not one that this young woman would have chosen for herself for various reasons. And, at the outset, it appeared as though it was far from her heart’s desire. But when the job was offered to her, she trusted that God had answered her prayer, that He had her best interest at heart; so she leapt forward in faith at the opportunity. Almost immediately after she took this action of faith, she met a divine connection that could encourage her toward reaching her heart’s desire, her divine destiny.

This young woman believes that the God of heaven and earth sees and knows more than she and that He loves her beyond measure. She had a heart to please God, and she desired His best for her life. She understood that God had a fulfillment strategy. And she witnessed it coming to pass in her young life.

Whether we work inside or outside of our home, our job is our divine assignment, our mission field where God will do a work in, through and for us! Our obedience to God throughout the mission is paramount, because our destiny is conditional upon our obedience. We can either receive God’s finest or our finest. Where we end up involves a series of our simple choices.

When this young woman prayed for God to take her hand and lead her to a job of His choice, she positioned herself for great exploits and blessings. When she accepted her new job, she stepped into a divine set up, into the “unknown,” like Abraham.

This young woman came to understand that she was in the midst of her “destiny journey.” This job was a link to her ultimate destiny desire: to serve girls with the love of God. She became filled with joy and zeal as she became inspired and motivated beyond what she had anticipated. Her heart awakened to the higher purposes of God for this job and her life’s work.

She gained a new level of revelation understanding: that she is chosen royalty, as daughter of the King Most High, that she is Father God’s princess, and the queen of King Jesus. Like Esther, she is doing great exploits for God and His people on earth as it is in heaven. If she remains obedient, through her, God will birth much to build His kingdom over time.

Her new job has a whole new meaning now, purposed with great value, potential impact and transformation possibilities. What an awesome place to be: working unto the Lord out of a heart of love!

God can do much with simple things, like this young woman’s entry-level, college job. He is a God of multiplication. And He doesn’t waste anything. Rather, He purposes everything that is of Him. All He needs is a willing heart that says, “Yes Lord!” throughout the journey.

God’s Great Commission is your great adventure. What desires has He placed in your heart? Have you invited God to take your hand and lead you to reach your destiny? He always rewards obedience; He’s just waiting for your invitation and next step.

Margaret D. Mitchell is the Founder of God's Love at Work, a marketplace outreach purposed to share God's greatest power source - the love of Christ.


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