Stealing Peace - A Different Perspective - September 23

Stealing Peace

by Berni Dymet

Isaiah 32:17 The effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust for ever.

I spent most of my life thinking that those Christians were nutters, mean really…

I was living my life, my way, getting rich, building a career and a reputation - they weren't going to tell me how to run my life. Or their God for that matter!  But to tell you the truth, behind all the bravado, I had satisfaction.  No peace.

That only came later - after I gave my life to ….their God.

Back in the Old Testament one of the Prophets, Isaiah - says this:

The outcome of righteousness is peace - quietness, trust forever - a peaceful home, a secure dwelling, a quiet resting place. 

You know what - that Isaiah guy, he's onto something. We want peace - and yet we head off clear in the opposite direction.  We do all the stupid things under the sun that rob us of peace.  Selfishness, anger, resentment, me, me, me.

None of those things bring us peace and rest and security. Those things flow out of righteousness - getting our lives right with God.


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Originally published September 23, 2020.