The 'Know-it-All' - A Different Perspective - February 4

The "Know-it-All"

by Berni Dymet       

Prov 13:10 Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.

There are two types of people - who above all others - drive us insane. The first is the hypocrite. And the second … is the know-it-all. And my hunch is, the know-it-all's the worst. 

Because you just can't work with them.

Now - there's nothing wrong with being smart, there's nothing wrong with being focused and driven - good leaders are often like that. 

But the know-it-all is someone who … well, knows it all!  Someone who simply can't accept good counsel or advice. When they finally close their mouths to stop talking - it's not so they can listen; it's not so they can take on board advice from someone else; it's not so they can understand how the other person feels.

The only reason a know-it-all shuts up, is to think of what to say next! Being a know-it-all springs out of a deep root of selfishness and pride.

And those people aren't a joy to be around. They invariably cause strife, and invariably they come unstuck.


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Originally published February 04, 2020.