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Turning on Tebow

Trevin Wax
Trevin Wax
2013 25 Feb

So Tim Tebow won’t be speaking at First Baptist – Dallas, after all. And the internet has exploded with speculation as to his reasoning.

Has Tim abandoned his traditional biblical views on sexuality?

Is he embarrassed by the fans who love him most?

Is he leaving behind his Christian distinctiveness and watering down the gospel?

These aren’t just questions I’ve seen floating around; they’re more like accusations. And even though I’m perplexed by Tim’s change of plans, I’m just as concerned about the onslaught of criticism that has come his way from fellow Christians.

Why are we so quick to turn on our own?

Why do we immediately assume the worst?

Some Christians feel betrayed by Tebow. I get it. But why lash out so quickly? Why not wait until more comes to light? Why throw the guy under the bus?

I’m not a big sports fan (understatement), but from everything I’ve seen, Tim is a sincere Christian guy seeking to live according to his faith in the spotlight. It’s hot under the spotlight. Christians in the public eye know pressures many of us do not.

Tim has been mocked relentlessly for his belief in Christ, his virginity, and his Christian convictions. Maybe he succumbed to the pressure of political correctness this week.

I dare say we have people in our congregations who don’t speak up about their faith for many of the same reasons. But do we castigate them publicly?

No, when it comes to our fellow Christians, we do what Tim’s pastor is doing. We pray. We pray for each other, that the Lord will help us be bold and gracious witnesses for Christ.

Some of the people who are most concerned about Tim’s lack of boldness ought to be just as concerned about the Christian community’s lack of grace.