Counterfeit Gospels in 1 Minute

Trevin Wax
Trevin Wax
2011 4 Apr


Thanks to Moody for helping me put together this little video that explains the core concept of Counterfeit Gospels in one minute. (Actually, it's 1 minute and 26 seconds, but who's counting?)

The official release date was April 1. (Yes, I know the humor in having a book come out on April Fool's Day, but then again, when you're writing about counterfeits, it only makes sense!) Online stores now have the book in stock and are shipping them out. The Kindle Edition is also available.

In other book news, the first blog review has been posted. The always-thoughtful Aaron Armstrong provides an extensive summary of the chapters. Aaron also asked me some follow up questions about the book, including:

  • How do these counterfeits get started?
  • What were the most rewarding and most challenging parts of writing this book for you?
  • You write that you find your “heart is constantly sliding back into a moralistic framework of
    understanding of the gospel” (p. 119).  Why do you think that is?
  • Your chapter on the judgmentless gospel is very timely (and although I’m hesitant to say it,
    borderline prophetic). Did you ever anticipate this counterfeit getting so much attention on so grand
    a scale? Why is this counterfeit in particular so alluring?

Aaron is giving away three copies of the book today (contest ends at 5 p.m.). See details here.

Joel Lindsey has been posting some quotes from the book. (See here and here.)

My prayer as I wrote the book is now my prayer as people read it. And for those of you who have the responsibility of teaching and preaching the gospel, I hope it will be your prayer as well:

God our Father,
Creator of all things,
true source of light and wisdom,
origin of all that is:

Thank you for calling me to faith,
for planting your Word in my heart,
and for delivering me from my sin.

Thank you for calling me to your service,
for giving me the ability to teach your Word
and share this good news with others.

I am overwhelmed at the thought of teaching on the gospel.
I feel so inadequate to deliver something of value about news that is priceless.
I am unworthy to be given the privilege of thinking deeply
about news too marvelous for angels to comprehend.

Be ever gracious to me.
Let a ray of your light penetrate the darkness of my understanding.
Give me confidence in the power of your gospel.
Grant me clarity in understanding and proclaiming the truths of your Word.
Edify your church through this work.

Father Almighty,
empower your people to tell the gospel story,
to recount your wondrous deeds
which shine light on your glorious and holy character.

Lord Jesus Christ,
empower your people to announce the good news
that you have brought to earth the life of heaven,
that you have sacrificed yourself for sinners,
that you have been raised from the dead
and exalted as Lord over all creation.

Holy Spirit,
empower us to live in light of the gospel,
declaring its truth with our words,
and embodying this truth through our actions.
Give us love for you and love for one another.