10 Principles for Interpreting the Bible

Trevin Wax
Trevin Wax

Robert Plummer's book, 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bibleis a very helpful resource for understanding how to read the Bible well.

In chapters 10-11, Plummer offers some general principles for interpreting the Bible:

  1. Approach the Bible in prayer.
  2. Read the Bible as a book that points to Jesus.
  3. Let Scripture interpret Scripture.
  4. Meditate on the Bible.
  5. Approach the Bible in faith and obedience.
  6. Take note of the biblical genre you are reading.
  7. Be aware of historical or cultural background issues.
  8. Pay attention to context.
  9. Read the Bible in community.
  10. Begin the journey of becoming a more faithful interpreter.

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Originally published January 05, 2011.