Evidences You Are Living in Gospel Community

Tim Brister
Tim Brister
2015 3 Feb

You know you are living in gospel community when...

  • believers practice confession instead of trying to make an impression
  • people are defined by a lifestyle of repenting rather than pretending
  • you embrace truth at all costs, not agreeing for each others approval
  • light exposes & wounds and love covers & heals–both/and not either/or
  • people are happy to be holy, not content to be comfortable
  • you own your mess because of His mercy, instead of hiding them because of your shame
  • functional saviors & heart idolatry are lovingly confronted & challenged by Christ’s reign & rule
  • unbelieving sinners & believing sinners together look away from themselves & look to Jesus
  • the pleasure of God in Christ to save you liberates you to passionately serve others
  • hospitality is given to those on the margins, & those not like you are welcome in your world
  • individual preferences take a back seat to community purposes of loving God and neighbor

[These were some personal reflections posted on Twitter last week.]