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Where Does Poverty Fit In?: Proverbs 19

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 19 Jan


Proverbs 19:1

This chapter sure does talk a lot about being poor. For instance, it’s better to be poor & honest than dishonest and a fool. Apparently, poor people have a hard time getting friends (go figure). On the flip side, when we help others who are poor, it’s as if we are giving that money to God. Even though they don’t appear to be blessed, God cherishes the poor. Christians are instructed not to be “fake friends” to these people.

The more mature I become as a Christian, the more I find that God doesn’t want us to worry about money. He doesn’t want it to control our lives because it has the power to control us to the point where we value it more than Him. It certainly shouldn’t be something that we think we deserve just because we ask God for it. Christians are supposed to experience seasons of lack and seasons of more than enough. That’s just how God created our world to operate. One’s material wealth doesn’t define how much God has blessed them. And when we ignore basic principles of our faith like these, we are missing out on what it means to be followers of Christ.