Rulers & Laws: Chapter 28

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 28 Jan

Proverbs 28:1

Since the most recent presidential election, I’ve gained a new fascination with rulers and laws; specifically in how Christians view our leaders and the rules we have to follow. The interesting thing about leaders is that we all have them. They are everywhere we go. If you have a job, you have a leader called a “boss.” If you are a member of a church, you have a leader you call “pastor.” If you are an American, you have a leader named Barack Obama.

Everywhere we go, there is a leader… a person in charge. In America, we tend to be very critical of these people. We love to comment about them in news articles on the internet. We get our kicks out of criticizing how they do things even though we would last five minutes in that role if we had to fill those shoes.

How many of you realize that Christians are not supposed to be like that? I mean, there are instances where we are not supposed to follow rules. Actually, my good friend, John UpChurch recently wrote a blog post about this. I’d suggest you read it here. But we are always supposed to support these people through prayer. We are supposed to love them as we want to be loved. Yes, even President Obama.

Have you stopped to think about how you behaved during the election? Did you get into any internet debates? If you didn’t vote for Obama, can you see past the concerns you had with him being re-elected and trust that your Creator is in full control of the situation? I hope so.

Today, my prayer is that we would all reconsider our perception of rulers and laws. Maybe you are doing everything right! If so, that wonderful news. Regardless, just stop and consider that maybe… just maybe… you haven’t been as supportive as you should have been.