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Poverty Nor Riches: Proverbs 30

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 30 Jan

Proverbs 30:1

It sure feels good to know that the Bible contains the writings of people (like this Agur fellow… whoever he was) who cry out to God for just enough for our needs to be met. It releases us from the pressures of this world. What are the pressures of this world? Secular music? Rated R movies?

I think the pressures of this world are far deeper than many of us realize. We live in a culture that does its best to convince us that material things are the answer to our problems. That’s why there are advertisements on the web, television, radio… every single public place we visit… EVERYWHERE! It’s also the reason why all of the holidays we celebrate now demand that we spend money on the people we love.

And where does it end? How much further does our country need to fall into debt before we realize that we have a serious problem with greed? It’s even finding a way to camouflage itself in our teaching on Sunday mornings to the point where even Christians have lost the ability to say “no” to stuff we don’t need.

We’ve become blinded, but the Bible wants us to open our eyes and see the truth of our situation.

Material things (specifically our lack or abundance of them) have a way of replacing God. According to the Bible, it’s perfectly okay to be content with what you have. We don’t have to stand in faith for bigger and better things so that we appear to be successful or what others define as “being blessed.” We can be free of this bondage that the world throws on us and simply be who God has called us to be.