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Love & Loyalty: Proverbs 3

Stephen Sanders
Stephen Sanders
2013 3 Jan

Proverbs 3:1

We’re only three chapters in now, and it really does sound like God wants to make things easy on us. How do we obtain this sense of peace and fulfillment? By obtaining wisdom and knowledge. We shouldn’t expect this to come without love and loyalty being fully active in our lifestyle.

Now, it’s no mystery that we are supposed to be loving people. In this passage, love comes in the form of helping others with our time and our finances, as well as, by just using common sense. Christians don’t manipulate people. We trust God for our needs, find contentment in what we have, and leave the rest for the others around us.

But what about loyalty to God? Are we really loyal in seeking Him daily? Just this small time in Proverbs with you guys has made me feel a little more connected to God that’s for sure. Love and loyalty go hand in hand even in the New Testament. Don’t believe me? Read Mark 12:29 and tell me that love and loyalty aren’t Priority #1.

And we see it over and over. Love God. Love others. Seek God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding and obtain fulfillment in life. We can sleep at night knowing that we aren’t in trouble. We don’t need to worry about the end times because we’ll know, without a shadow of a doubt, where we’ll end up when we die.

Join me tomorrow for Chapter 4.