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He Sat Down

Paul Tripp
Paul Tripp
2011 2 Nov

There is not a day when by thought, word, desires or action that we fail to demonstrate that we are needy people. Maybe it is a thoughtless word of gossip. Maybe it's a flash of lust or envy. Maybe it's an ugly moment of irritation or anger. Perhaps it's a selfish choice that no one would notice. Maybe it's bending the truth to your own advantage. Maybe it's an attitude of self-righteousness or pride. Maybe it's giving way to bitterness and subtle thoughts of vengeance. Somehow, someway, we all demonstrate that we are still in need of God's daily grace.

Now, this need makes you spiritually vulnerable. First, it makes you vulnerable to self-atonement. That's when you make yourself feel okay about your sin. How do you do that? By telling yourself that what you did wasn't actually sin. It wasn't gossip it was a prayer request. It wasn't anger, it was a clear exhortation. It wasn't selfishness, just clear leadership. When you justify yourself, you don't seek God's forgiveness.

Your need also makes you vulnerable to the lies of the enemy. He will come to you in those needy moments and tell you that you do not have enough. He will try to rob you of the faith, courage, and hope that propels you to admit who you are, to seek Christ's forgiveness, and to step forward in courage and hope. He works so that you will doubt God's provision for you.

Now to fight these two areas of vulnerablibity, all you need to remember is these three words, "He sat down." These words are in the first chapter of Hebrews and are found in a phrase that says of Jesus, "After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven." He sat down! What amazing words! They can only mean one thing. That the work that he did for us was totally and absolutely complete.

You see, the Old testament priests never sat down. Hour after hour, day after day they would offer sacrifices. They would be knee deep in blood, but they would make yet another sacrifice. The stench of burning flesh never abated. Why? Because those sacrifices could never do the job. They were never able to fully pay the penalty. They looked forward to the coming of the Perfect Lamb who would pay the entire price in one final sacrifice.

After he had made sacrifice (of himself), Jesus sat down! What does that mean? It means his provision for you is full and complete. It means he has given you all you need to be right with him, to be what you are supposed to be and to do what you are called to do.

So when you begin to doubt his grace or when you're tempted to justify yourself, just say these three words to yourself, "HE SAT DOWN." And celebrate the amazing grace that is yours right here, right now.