Trusting the true God (Daniel 1)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily
2012 26 Jan

We’re going to review chapter 1, and as we do so we’ll see the main themes of the whole book of Daniel.

The true God
Re-read Daniel 1:1

Reflect on all that’s going on here.

• What happens that suggests that Nebuchanezzar and his gods are in charge?
• What happens that shows the God of Daniel and his friends is in charge?

On the face of it, Babylon is winning. Nebuchadnezzar rides into Jerusalem and takes the best stuff from the temple and
the best guys from the government, and ships them all back home. They get given new names and are enrolled in the Babylon university program so they can work for Nebuchanezzar.
And yet in a semi-hidden way God remains the true God, in control of what’s going on. Look at the following events:
• God gives Jehoiakim into Nebuchadnezzar’s hand (verse 2)
• God gives favour and compassion to Daniel in his relationship with the food official (verse 9)
• God gave knowledge and understanding to Daniel and the others (verse 17).
The same phrase is used each time: “God gave”. Everything of significance happens because God is behind it. Despite outward appearances God remains the true God. That’s a huge theme in this book.

It's easy to focus on what God hasn't given us, rather than on what He has.
Commit to setting aside some time each day this week to thank God for all He's given you.

Staying faithful to the true God

Because God is still the true God, his people should remain faithful to him, despite all pressure to do otherwise. We saw that in Daniel and the others resolving not to defile themselves and God honouring their faithfulness. As the book goes on we see more examples of faithful living in the face of pressure not to.
Here’s the message of Daniel: God remains the true God, so stay faithful to him.

• Reflect on whether you really believe that God is fully in control.
• How does believing this enable a Christian to stay faithful to Him?

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