The cross a throne (John 19 v 16b-22)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily

The cross a throne John 19 v 16b-22

Most kings rule from a throne. We expect presidents and prime ministers to have the trappings of state and glory. And yet Jesus rules the world from a cross.

The place
Read John 19:16

Picture the scene, as Jesus carries the crossbeam until He is exhausted, and Simon of Cyrene has to be conscripted to
carry it the rest of the way (see Luke 23:26). He is taken to “the place of the Skull”, which may be a place that looks
like a skull or just a burial place. It is a place of death, uncleanness and separation from God.

The company
Read John 19:18

• What kind of company is Jesus now keeping?

On the cross, He is identified with sinners and carries on His own shoulders the sin of the world.

You and I ought to have been on those crosses next to Jesus. We deserve that terrible death for our rebellion against the
God who made us. But Jesus took our place and died our death.

Spend some time looking at the scene in your mind's eye: and then spend some time thanking your King that He hung on
a cross in your place.

The inscription
Read John 19:19

•What does the inscription say?

Notice how it combines Jesus’ human identification (His name and town) with His rightful title.

• How does John emphasise the significance of this inscription above the cross (v 20)?

The inscription is written in three languages. Pontius Pilate preaches the gospel to the world! In the end, Jesus is recognised as the King as He hangs on the cross.

Read John 19:21

• What is the priests' problem?
• How does Pilate respond?

Pilate acted more truly than he realised. He thought he was mocking and irritating the Jewish leaders. In fact he was proclaiming the gospel.
Jesus really is the King, not only of theJews, but of all the world.
We ought to come to His cross and bow before Him in obedient worship.

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Originally published November 14, 2011.

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