Once in a lifetime

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Ever had a once-in-a-lifetime experience (apart from being born!)? Today we meet a man who did: and who found it was terrifying and more wonderful than he could believe. If so, you've got something in common with most Christians: and with a first century believer called Theophilus.

A couple's pain

Read Luke 1 v 5-7

  • - What are we told about Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth (v 5-6)?
  • - But despite his position and their godliness, what is missing from their lives (v 7)?

A priest's privilege

Read verses 8-10

Zechariah is here chosen to go into the Holy Place in teh temple in Jerusalem; the area of the temple where God dwelled. He'll only do this once in his whole life of serving as a priest. It's a great moment for this old man, the highlight of his career.

God's plan

Read verses 11-17

Zechariah gets more than he could possibly have imagined! When he goes into the Holy Place, an angel, a heavenly messenger, is standing there!

  • - How does Zechariah (understandably) react (v 12)?
  • - What is the angel's message (v 13)?
  • - What do we learn about their son's: 1) effect (v 14, 16)? 2) relationship with God (v 15)? 3) mission (v 17)?

Read verses 18-22

  • - How does Zechariah react to the angel's words (v 18)?
  • - What is the angel's message to him (v 19-20)?

Zechariah would have had plenty of time in the quietness of his head to realize that what God plans, happens: however unlikely or extraordinary it is.

A woman's pleasure

Read verses 23-25

  • - Why should what happens in verse 24 be no surprise to Elizabeth or Zechariah?
  • - How does Elizabeth respond (v 25)?



Luke's Gospel begins with God bringing life to a lifeless place: a living child in a barren womb. And it will end that way too: with a living man in a burial tomb. Turly, God is "the God who gives life to the dead" (Romans 4 v 17).



  • - When God answers a prayer of yours, do you respond as Elizabeth did? Anything you need to praise and thank God for right now?
  • - How does this episode increase your faith in God's prmoises about the future?


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Originally published December 18, 2012.

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