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Don't be seduced (Proverbs 2 v 16-22)

Explore God's Word Daily
Explore God's Word Daily
2012 16 Mar

Jesus Himself talked about a “broad” way which leads to destruction, and a “narrow” one that “leads to life” (Matthew 7 v 13-14). And Proverbs keeps presenting us with a choice of paths to take…

The path of the wicked woman
Read Proverbs 2:16

In these verses we find another threat to our young man.

• What kind of woman are we introduced to?

Like the wicked friends from Proverbs 1:10, she isn’t satisfied to do wrong by herself. She wants to draw others into her ways.

• How does she convince others to join her (v 16)?
• What happens to her in the end (v 18)?
• What happens to those who follow her call (v 19)?
• What saves men from her charms (v 16)?

We’re going to come across the adulterous women many times in Proverbs. It’s worth pointing out she could just as easily be a man. The point is that this person is adulterous, not that she’s a woman.

Planted in the land
Read Proverbs 2:20

In contrast to the way of wickedness, the way of the righteous leads to blessing. The specific promise is that the wise will
inhabit the land (v 21). Inhabiting “the land” was a special promise to God’s people. In Genesis, we see that God created a flourishing world of beauty for His people to live in. After Adam and Eve rebelled against God, they were cast out from the land.

Read the following passages and trace the storyline of the Bible with respect to God’s plan to restore the place that his
people had lost:
Genesis 17:7
Psalms 37:10
Matthew 5:5
Revelation 22:1
The path of wisdom ends in a life of blessing with God in His land. God will one day restore everything, and humans will live in loving relationship with Him, fearing Him, and living by His wisdom.

• Is there any way in which you're listening to this kind of seduction (v 16-19)—on the internet or DVDs as well as in person?
• Is there any way in which you're being this kind of person to those around you?
Read 1 Corinthians 5:6
• What is the great challenge of these words to you?
• What is the great encouragement?

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