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Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2011 10 Apr

“I am the way" (John 14:6).

We live in a “postmodern” age. If that term is new to you, it simply means that we live in an age in which our culture has largely abandoned the notion of truth. The old consensus about right and wrong has almost entirely disappeared, replaced by appeals to pluralism, diversity, and moral relativism.

Against the spiritual confusion of our day, consider these “exclusive” claims regarding Jesus Christ:

A. He is the only Son of GodJohn 3:16.  
B. He is the only name by which we can be saved–Acts 4:12.  
C. He is the only way to the Father–John 14:6.  
D. He is the only mediator between God and man–1 Timothy 2:5.
E. He is the only sacrifice for sin–Hebrews 10:12.

These are utterly exclusive statements of the New Testament. Let me say frankly that we have no right to water them down. You may choose to reject them or to call them “narrow-minded” or to pass them off as not applying to us today, but the fact remains that the Jesus of the Bible is an utterly exclusive Savior. He stands alone and no one can be compared with him.

When it comes to Jesus, too many people have a “hand grenade” faith. They think that “close” is good enough! Wrong! Most everyone believes in Jesus a little bit. That is, they believe in Jesus plus something else. But when you scratch under the surface, they don’t believe in Jesus alone as their only hope of salvation. But to believe in him 95% is to be 100% lost!

Because Jesus is the only way to God, let me share with you five words that will take you all the way to heaven. If you take these five words to heart, and make them part of your life, if you will say them and believe them and rest upon them, these five words will take you to heaven when you die:

Jesus only and only Jesus!

Lord Jesus, you are the only Savior because you are the only one who can save us. We need no one else and indeed we have no one else besides you. Thank you for making a way for sinners to be saved. Amen.

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