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Then He Helps Us!

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2013 29 Jun

God’s intends to give us all that we need in every situation so that we can do his will

I find this thought very encouraging. Often we look at what we lack and conclude that our problems are greater than our potential. But those constraints (of time or energy or money or people or material resources) are given to us by God. Again and again he puts us in positions where we are unable to do anything without his help.

Then he helps us!

What God demands, he supplies. This truth comes to the heart of the gospel itself. When God demands full payment for sin, he supplies his Son whose death fully pays the debt we owe. But that truth doesn’t apply only to our past experience of forgiveness. It describes how God deals with his children day by day. What we need, he supplies. He gives us the inner strength to do his will, and then he makes a way so that we can do it.

Yes, we must do our part, but we could never do our part unless God did his part first. And “his part” involves giving us both the desire and whatever else we need to fulfill his purpose for us. Let us then set forth every day, with all the energy we have, to do God’s will, knowing that we already have whatever we need to do his will that day. And if we need anything else along the way, he will give it to us.

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