Saved at the Last Second

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2014 9 May

Can someone be saved at the last second? Because of God’s amazing grace, the answer is yes. Brian Bill shared this with the KBM team several days ago:

"Wanted to pass along that a man died this past weekend. But not before he was saved through his niece reading An Anchor for the Soul to him. He was blind but now he sees!”

Sometimes people make fun of “death-bed” conversions, as if such things never happen. Well, let me tell you that they do happen. And why not? If a man knows that he is dying, is he not likely to be thinking about the hereafter and where he will spend eternity?

Thank God for the niece who loved her uncle enough to read him a book that would show him the way to heaven. Sometimes we say, "I’m eternally grateful” when a friend does us a favor, but we don’t literally mean we are grateful for eternity. But in this case that’s an appropriate response.

Her uncle is now eternally grateful for a niece who shared the Good News with him.

See my message Last-Second Salvation for more on this topic.

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