Is God's Manna Enough for You?

Dr. Ray Pritchard
Dr. Ray Pritchard
2013 10 Jun

“We remember the fish we ate in Egypt for free, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks, the onions, and the garlic. 6 Now our lives are wasting away. There is nothing but manna in front of us” (Numbers 11:5-6).

It is a sin to dwell on past blessings if remembering those blessings keeps you from appreciating the blessings of today.

Yesterday’s blessings can’t be repeated. Tomorrow’s blessings aren’t here yet. We are truly ungrateful if we use God’s goodness in the past to belittle his kindness to us today.

Remember the past but do not idolize it lest you miss the ocean of blessing God pours into your life every day.

Remember that God provided food while you were a slave in Egypt. But don’t forget what he did to set you free. And smile while you eat manna and quail for 40 years. At least you’re free and on your way to the Promised Land.

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