Our Story

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2020 25 Feb

Author Lois Tverberg tells of an experience she had while traveling in Israel. Visiting a class of Orthodox Jewish boys one day, she was surprised to hear one of them describe the Scripture passage they had just been reading like this:

"We're reading the story of how God brought us out of Egypt and saved us from the Egyptians."

Lois couldn't help but notice that the boy had used the pronoun "us" rather than "them," making it sound as though he and his classmates had just crossed the Red Sea along with Moses and the Israelites.

Clearly, these students were reading the Bible as though it were their own story. That's how we should read it, because it is our story, too.

No matter how much Scripture we read, no matter how much we pray, it is not always easy to see how our own story at any given moment fits into the larger story that God has already told us. But as we will see, when we attend church and live our lives in Christian community, other believers often can see what we cannot, believe when we cannot, act when we cannot. Through the church, God works redemption into our lives while also using us to do his work in others.