Financial Peace

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler
2016 1 Mar

A woman appears fractured and fearful.

Every time the Dow Jones Industrial Average falls off a cliff, investors panic, wondering where to take refuge in uncertain times. (When are they ever certain?) The last time, I remember sending up a prayer, asking the Lord to watch over my savings. No doubt millions of similar prayers ascended to his throne along with mine.

But having survived the worst of that downturn, I feel a bit calmer, determined not to head over the cliff along with all the other lemmings. Looking back at the last panic, it’s clear that all my sleepless nights and anxious days failed to produce even one positive idea or outcome. None of it made my life any better. In fact, it made it much worse. It was only God in his good timing who made things better, helping me to get through.

With the economy feeling uncertain again, I may have a chance for a do-over. How will I respond this time? News analysts say that people are still shell shocked by the last recession, making them more likely to panic and sell everything. But what if you experienced God caring for you and your family despite your losses? Wouldn’t that make you even more likely to trust him this time around?

It’s fine to pray that God will preserve our savings. But while we do that, let’s also pray that, no matter what happens, we will remember this truth: God alone is our rock and our salvation. He is our fortress where we will not be shaken. Whether you’re facing a financial panic or another kind of personal crisis in your life, remember this, and you will not be disappointed.