God Is Better than Anyone You Know

Ann Spangler
Ann Spangler

An image of a long bridge curving over low water, disappearing into a sunrise.

What does holiness mean? It means that everything about God is infinitely better than the best thing you know about anyone else.

Even though God is present in the world he created, he is unique, transcending space and time. His holiness encompasses his absolute purity and goodness. When we come into relationship with God we encounter profound mystery, a Being who cannot be measured or fathomed and who can only be known to the degree that he reveals himself.

As Christ’s followers, God’s power transforms rather than destroys us because Jesus has made it safe for us to come into the presence of a holy God who cannot tolerate sin. Christ’s own holiness has become our bridge into God’s presence. His purity is contagious, spreading to us, not because of our inherent goodness, but because we belong to him.

As God’s holy people we are called to be different from others in the world around us, dedicated to God and set apart for his service.  Our dignity as Christians comes from our relationship with a holy God.

Originally published February 20, 2019.

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