Smith’s Bible Dictionary

“Zabad ” means gift

  1. Son of Nathan son of Attai, son of Ahlai Sheshan's daughter, (1 Chronicles 2:31-37) and hence called son of Ahlai. (1 Chronicles 11:41) (B.C. 1046.) He was one of David's mighty men but none of his deeds have been recorded. The chief interest connected with him is in his genealogy, which is of considerable importance in a chronological point of view.
  2. An Ephraimite, if the text of (1 Chronicles 7:21) Isa correct.
  3. Son of Shimeath, an Ammonitess; an assassin who, with Jehozabad, slew King Joash, according to (2 Chronicles 24:26) (B.C. 840); but in (2 Kings 12:21) his name is written, probably more correctly, JOZACHAR.
  4. A layman of Israel, of the sons of Zattu, who put away his foreign wife at Ezra's command. (Ezra 10:27) (B.C. 458.)
  5. One of the descendants of Hashum who had married a foreign wife after the captivity. (Ezra 10:33) (B.C. 458.)
  6. One of the sons of Nebo whose name is mentioned under the same circumstances as the two preceding. (Ezra 10:43)
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