Smith’s Bible Dictionary

“Ram ” means high, exalted

  1. A son of Hezron and the father of Ammin-adab, born in Egypt after Jacob's migration there. (Ruth 4:19) (B.C. 1706.) In (Matthew 1:3,4) and Luke 3:33 he is called ARAM in the Authorized Version, but RAM in the Revised Version of (Matthew 1:3,4) and ARNI in the Revised Version of (Luke 3:33)
  2. The first-born of Jerahmeel, and therefore nephew of the preceding. (1 Chronicles 3:25,27) (B.C. after 1706.)
  3. One of the kindred of Elihu. (Job 32:2) Ewald identified this Ram with ARAM in (Genesis 22:21)
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