Smith’s Bible Dictionary

“Jediael ” means known of God

  1. A chief patriarch of the tribe of Benjamin. (1 Chronicles 7:6,11) It is usually assumed that Jediael is the same as Ashbel, (Genesis 46:21; Numbers 26:38; 1 Chronicles 8:1) but this is not certain.
  2. Second son of Meshelemiah, a Levite. (1 Chronicles 26:1,2)
  3. Son of Shimri; one of the heroes of David's guard. (1 Chronicles 11:45) (B.C. 1046.)
  4. One of the chiefs of the thousands of Manasseh who joined David on his march to Ziklag. (1 Chronicles 12:20) comp. 1Sam 30:9,10 (B.C. 1053.)
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