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B. W. Johnson’s Bible Commentary

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Christ Teaching and Healing.

SUMMARY.--Christ Teaching from Peter's Boat. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes. Called to Be Fishers of Men. Cleansing the Leper. Palsied Man Healed. Matthew Called. Eateth with Publicans. Persecution Foretold. New Wine in Old Bottles.

      1. The people pressed . . . to hear the word of God. When the people are not prejudiced by false teachers they are usually eager to hear the Word. Lake of Gennesaret. Another name for the Sea of Galilee.

      2. Saw two boats standing. Those of Peter and Andrew, and of James and John. See Matt. 4:18-22, for notes; also Mark 1:16-20.

      3. Which was Simon's. Simon Peter. Taught the people out of the ship. So that they could not press upon him. The "ship" was a fishing boat.

      4, 5. Put out into the deep. Deep water. For a draught. He thus promises one. At thy word. Though he had fished all night in vain, at Christ's word he would try again. He already was a disciple of Christ (John 1:40-42).

      6. Their net brake. Tristam (Land of Israel) says of the fish in the Sea of Galilee: "The shoals are marvelous, black masses, many hundred yards long, with their black fins projecting out of the water as thick as they could pack. Any net would break that enclosed such a shoal."

      8. Fell down at Jesus' knees. Filled with awe and reverence at the miracle that had drawn the shoal to their net.

      10. Said unto Simon. Not to him alone (Matt. 1:19). Simon, Andrew, James and John were all told to become "fishers of men."

      11. They forsook all. The four just named. Before this all were disciples; henceforth they follow Jesus personally. These all together cast the gospel net on Pentecost and had a mighty draught.

      12-16. A man full of leprosy. See notes on Matt. 8:2-4 and Mark 1:40-45.

      17-26. There were Pharisees and doctors. See notes on Matt. 9:2-8 and Mark 2:1-12.

      27-39. Saw a publican named Levi. See notes on Matt. 9:9-17 and Mark 2:14-22. Levi. Matthew Levi. He was the fifth called to attend the footsteps of Jesus. Like the others, at the call, he rose and followed at once. Made a great feast. To let Jesus meet with his fellow-publicans. Why do the disciples of John fast? Intended as a rebuke for their attendance at a great feast. Jesus shows that fasting ought not to be a form, but to have a meaning.