2 Samuel 8 Bible Commentary

John Darby’s Synopsis

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David the man of faith, the Victor-King in Zion

Being entirely delivered from the insurrections of the people,* David exercises his power in bringing his enemies into subjection. The Philistines, who dwelt within the land of Israel, are subjugated. Metheg-ammah signifies "bridle of the capital." David held the key of power. Moab is subdued and made tributary. At length the outward enemies, the Syrians, also, are either conquered or submit themselves. The Edomites become David's servants, and Jehovah preserves David whithersoever he goes.

In all this we have again the man of faith and the type of the Lord Jesus, King in Zion, who is victorious over the enemies of Israel, and puts Israel in possession of the promised land (Gen. 15: 18) as far as the Euphrates. He dedicates the spoil to Jehovah. He reigns over all Israel, and executes judgment and justice unto all his people. The companions of his pilgrimage participate in the glory of his kingdom—a type, in all this, of the kingdom of Christ.

[1] Compare Psalm 18: 43, where the righteous suffering Christ (under the figure of David) is the source of all blessings for Israel from Egypt to the end.